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stationary with articulated arm

  • Extremely flexible manipulator with articulated arm and rotations of the object that is moved through the space in all planes and positions by pneumatic (machine) pivoting and grip according to the specifications and requirements of the customer
  • Suitable for complex relocations with workflow acceleration


mobile with articulated arm

  • Mobile manipulator, similar to LiftCENT S, but it allows easy movement through the plant and between multiple operating points where the same or similar procedures are performed periodically
  • Leveling enabled on all wheels individually, for greater safety and stability
  • Creation of models for pallet or classic forklift relocation through the plant, according to the specifications and requirements of the customer


console, conventional, stationary

  • Facilitated handling and relocation of items that do not require rotation
  • Enables fast, rigid, and easy handling when moving objects in predominantly horizontal and vertical positions
  • Suitable for heavier loads throughout the whole radius of action


console, conventional, mobile

  • Suitable for moving between multiple machines or workplaces
  • All operating characteristics of the stationary manipulator Concent S


  • Feasible for ALL products, ALL production processes in ALL industries, according to customer needs, requirements and specifications, vacuum, pneumatic, mechanical or combined
  • Fully adapted to your product, for fast operation with all measures of product or object safety


  • Work on pneumatic principles, as only compressed air is used as propulsion energy, which removes the possibility of downtime as much as possible
  • Fully avoid the risk of electric shock (as with electric lifters)
  • Require minimal maintenance (avoided costly and complicated maintenance as with hydraulic devices)
  • Meet explosion and fire protection requirements (due to their conception they are all EX designed)
  • Enable clean and hygienic work (no oil leakage and contamination of the product and work area)
  • Can be produced uniquely for special needs of the customer (custom design)
  • Are made of the highest quality machine elements and parts for permanent and reliable operation, for many years of use (ELM - extra low maintenance)
  • Require no special skills for management
  • Are delivered mounted, at no extra charge

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